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How do I prepare for class?
You don’t. Just show up. Preferably at least 15 minutes before the start of any class, on an empty stomach, and well hydrated.

What if I am not flexible or out of shape?
That’s why you come to yoga.

Why the heat?
So no matter who you are or your fitness level, you can stretch safely, encourage cardiovascular health, sweat and detox – inside out bones to skin.

What can I expect from trying yoga?
Simply trying will promote: increased stamina, mental clarity, muscular efficiency, upright posture, therapeutic healing, injury prevention, proper blood circulation to all organs, improved digestion, radiant skin, mindful actions, worry free evenings, deeper sleep, and an overall youthful spirit.

How often should I take class?
1-2 times per week to maintain your current health. 3-4 for mindful awareness of new guaranteed health improvements. 5-6 for optimum health and happiness, the kind that is inevitably and highly contagious to others.

What’s Next Level?
It’s Bikram’s 26 & 2 plus arm balancing and hips. All in 90 minutes.

Why Yin?
This restorative practice helps open the hips, shoulders and neck. Deep stretching. Very relaxing.

Why Vinyasa?
Why not. More yoga is fun. Inversions. Bandhas. Meditation. Pranayama. Kriyas. Chakra exploration.

Why Yang Yin Hatha?
This 60 minute evening class includes mindful vinyasa sequences, strength building asanas, and ends with restorative deep tissue stretches to help you unwind.

Why Rocket Yoga?
Lots of arm balancing and floating in and out of just about everything! Plus, it might get you into it’s more traditional Ashtanga origins.