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WAYcation ATX


We’re doing it again folks – teaming up with We Are Yoga to bring you the 2nd edition of this fun, 6-day yoga festival hosted at our school!

This year we are adding more, new and diverse, teachers, classes, and fun workshops! Plus, some of the familiar teachers you’ve come to know and love from our amazing worldwide community!

We’re also hosting another Battle Asana to help inspire your yoga asana, raise money for, and bring awareness to some amazing non-profits…Plus, a night out on the town including tickets to the Austin Reggae Music Festival at Auditorium Shores Saturday night!

Check out the sweet schedule we have baked for you below…and keep tuning in because we are adding more amazing teachers and classes within the next two weeks! #WAYcationATX | #YogaEastAustin | #WeAreYoga


Wednesday, 4/18
9:30a – April Penland (Bikram Yoga)
12p – Bel Carpenter (84+)
5p – Sacnicte Garcia (Bikram Yoga en Español) 
7p – Charles Paddock (Intension Workshop & Yoga Nidra)
84+:    The traditional Ghosh 84 asanas plus some extras and music for fun! 
Bikram Yoga en Español:    Same’ol 26 & 2 you know and love…a la Mexicana!
Intension Workshop:    Set yourself up this summer by addressing your in-tensions…revisit New Year’s resolutions, adjust accordingly, and cap off with ultimate relaxation via Yoga Nidra.

Thursday, 4/19
6a – Tessa McNabb (Bikram Yoga)
9:30a – Ainsley Ayres (Heart Centered JM Vinyasa) 
12:30p –Charles Paddock (Bikram Yoga)
5p – April Penland (Rocket II)
7p – Bel Carpenter (Vimana Hot Stretch)
Heart Centered JM Vinyasa:    Focused on the mechanics of backbending and strengthening of your center for a balanced sense of self.
Rocket II:     Fun and floaty progressive Ashtanga class with arm balancing, hip opening, and inverted asanas from the intermediate series…but mostly fun!
Vimana Hot Stretch:   A gentle flow restorative practice which focuses on stretching hips, neck, and shoulders and  includes pranayama, meditation, and yin postures. 

Friday, 4/20
8:00a – Chauncie Parchment – (Hatha Fusion)
9:30a – Bel Carpenter (Intro to Vimana Workshop) 
12:30p – Will Jones (WAYhappy Yoga) 
3:30p – Ammie Moralez Ferguson (Yang Yin Hatha)
5p – Charles Paddock (Yoga Vibes)
Hatha Fusion:    Hip hip hip hip hip opening and some.
Intro to Vimana Workshop:     Vimana Yoga is a therapeutic yoga class which blends Bikram, Forrest, Para, Vinyasa Yoga and music into an unsurpassed experience.
WAYhappy Yoga:    A 60 minute, funny & light hearted class that actually encourages you to listen to your body and do what makes you WAY happy!
Yang Yin Hatha:       Another 60 minute dynamic & flowing vinyasa sequence with strength building static asana and deep tissue held stretches.
Yoga Vibes:       A 90 minute led practice. No words. Just bass. Refreshments by Tito’s Vodka in our lobby after!

Saturday, 4/21
9:30a –Bel Carpenter (Synergy Partner Yoga Workshop) 
12p – April Penland (Flexibility & Conditioning Workshop)
3p – Ammie Moralez Ferguson (Flex, Arch + Twist)
3p – Reggae Fest begins at Auditorium Shores in Downtown ATX!
Synergy Partner Yoga Workshop:     An interactive, healing art that incorporates partner stretching, beginning “flying”, foundation acrobatics, and Thai massage that inspires trust, community, and playfulness. Come solo or with a friend!
Flexibility & Conditioning Workshop:    This all levels workshop will focus on daily exercises and movements that will help you with deeper backbends, splits and general flexibility.
Flex, Arch + Twist:       This complete practice activates the joints, heats the deep tissues, and opens the body using asana, pranayama, mudras and bandha, along with accupressure, fascia manipulation and meridian science.
Reggae Fest:    Black Uhuru, Collie Buddz and more reggae all stars performing at Austin’s beautiful Auditorium Shores at Town Lake (best skyline view in town!)

Sunday, 4/22
8:00a – April Penland – (Rocket Vinyasa)
9:30a – Gianna Purcell (Boneyard Stacks Workshop)
3p – Battle Asana at Bikram Yoga East Austin
Rocket Vinyasa:    Quick and dirty Rocket to wake you up!
Boneyard Stacks Workshop:     Our Favorite always knows best 😉
Battle Asana:     Witness tremendous feats of yoga asana all showcased for a good cause. Bel Carpenter, April Penland, Adriana Fernandez, and others battle it out to support their favorite local charities. Guest referee, Gianna Purcell. 

Monday, 4/23
9:30a – Kathy Durham (Bikram Yoga) 
12p – April Penland (Bottle Rocket)
4p – Kathy Durham (Hatha Intermediate)
6p – Gianna Purcell (Progressive Bikram)
8p – Charles Paddock (Yoga Nidra)
Bottle Rocket:     75 minute Rocket class for newbies. Slower paced and alignment & cue heavy to help you learn the foundational asanas for Sun Salutations and the other Rocket sequences.
Hatha Intermediate:     26 & 2 and more! All in a heated room.
Progressive Bikram:     Including traditional hatha yoga meditation, mantra, breath exercises, and all leveled posture variations, the Progressive Bikram class expands on the classical 26&2 practice to work on all sheaths of our being.
Yoga Nidra:        Ultimate relaxation brought to you while you chill in savasana.

Full Menu & Details:

Single Classes: $30 – Buy Now
Single Workshops: $60 – Buy Now
1 Day Pass with Battle Asana ticket: $150 – Buy Now
3 Day Pass with Reggae Fest & Battle Asana tickets: $250 – Buy Now
6 Day Pass with Reggae Fest & Battle Asana tickets: $350 – Buy Now
Reggae Fest ticket (at the door): $30 
Battle Asana ticket (with t-shirt): $30 – Buy Now

WAYcation ATX 2016: