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We teach the original hot yoga, Bikram Yoga…26 asanas (postures) & 2 pranayama breathing exercises practiced in a hot room for 90 minutes. The postures and their order never change so you can keep track of your daily health. This is a beginners yoga class, and highly recommended to everyone. Yup, all 7.6 billion.

We also teach Vinyasa, a weekly Backbending class, a monthly Rocket yoga class, and 1-2 Hour Hatha yoga classes. All meant to complement your beginners Bikram yoga practice.

1-2 Hour Intermediate Hatha classes are practiced in a warm, unheated room.

Vinyasa, Backbending, and Rocket yoga classes are practiced in a much cooler room, also with no heat.

We offer mats & towels if you need them, along with big cozy dressing rooms with two showers in each.

A regular yoga practice, regardless of age, skill, fitness level, or state of mind, will promote optimum health and happiness. Guaranteed!